"WA-F***ING POW! YOU B****ES ARE DEAD!" said the first explosion. He just exploded a bunch of people. Like, a s***load of them. However, the second explosion came in.

"One shall stand, one shall fall," the second explosion said. They started exploding everything. But then. the second explosion blew a fuse and died.

"Now, I shall blow everything the f*** up. That a**hole thought he could win. That little b**** was an idiot." The first explosion and the Special Hero Internet Team go to a mine field full of soldiers in training.

"Ready for some f***ing explosion, a**holes?" The ninth and fourteenth explosions said. The first explosion and the S.H.I.T. started exploding everything. But then, suddenly a revived-without-reasoning second explosion and the Fast A** Racing Team come in.

"You serious thought you could f*** with me? 'Cause it's training day, b****!" the second explosion shouted. Everyone started exploding each other, while insulting each other with statements like, "You little f***ing s***. You should go jump in a hole you little a**hole." and others like "F*** YOU. F*** THE S.H.I.T. F*** THE F.A.R.T. I WILL EXPLODE THE F*** OUT OF EVERYTHING." And then, they all died. That is, until the studio green-lit a s***load of sequels. The end.