Goomy was troubled. He knew Mudkip had developed the internet, and he needed help. Goomy had only built small malitias of religious members of the Church of Goomy. He needed help.

He went to the Great Prophet Espurr. He asked "How can I win this? Mudkip has the enitre internet!" Espurr replied, "...There is a way. But it will cause the world ruin." Goomy paused. He didn't want it to end this way, but it was inevitable. "Tell me." 

Espurr sighed, and took out a book. "Years ago, I wrote a journal. This journal has all the answers. In order to win, you must create three things. These things will split his army in two First, you must create Pokémon X and Y. Second, bring about My Little Pony season 4. Thrid..."

"WHAT IS IT, MAN?! TEL ME!" Goomy said with great anger.

"I'm sorry, it's just nearly inpossible. You must....

Create Half-Life 3."