Disney vs. Bee Shrek Test in the HouseEdit

Winner: Johnny Test

Hunger Games: PJL EditionEdit

Winner: Frog

SNN Hunger GamesEdit

Winner: SplashTheHedgehog

Hunger Games: Bionicle EditionEdit

Winner: Pohatu

Waifu Games Edit

Winner: Diancie

Suckiest Tournament Edit

Winner: Big the Cat

Carsonclover10's Game Edit

Winner: Link

Super Smash Brothers Games: Melee Edition Edit

Winner: Donkey Kong

The Most Seriousest Gaes Edit

Winner: A Rug

Smogon GamesEdit

Winner: Smoglion

Mario and Sonic at the Hunger Games Edit

Winner: Bowser

Trainer Battle Edit

Winner: Hugh

Dragon Ball Z Games Edit

Winder: Son Goku

Waifu War II: Electric Boogaloo Edit

Winner: The Revolution

Pirate Games Edit

Winner: Razorbeard

Ninja Games Edit

Winner: Naruto

Clone Wars Edit

Winner: Mewtwo (and Ghost Ray, because ghosts cannot die)

Pirate Games 2: Where's me rum? Edit

Winner: Tetra

The Legend of Zelda: Hunger Games EditionEdit

Winner: Dreadfuse

Villans GamesEdit

Winner: Grima

Robot Games Edit

Winner: Mechagodzilla

Cat Games Edit

Winner: Ms. Fortune

Manly Games Edit

Winner: Papa Brownman

Favorites Edit


The Quarter Quell Edit

Winner: Tetra

The 26th-50th GamesEdit

Godzilla GamesEdit

Winner: Anguirus

Muppet GamesEdit

Winner: Constantine

Nicktoon Games Edit

Winner: Mr. Blik

Invaded Games Edit

Winner: Ridley

Fatty Games Edit

Winner: Dedede

Disney & Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons vs Bee Shrek Test in the House 2: Electric Revengeance Boogaloo & Knuckles Minus Knuckles Edit

Winner: DLeonMagnus (Maleficent)

The Smogon OU GamesEdit

Winner: Garchomp (DLeonMagnus the Prophet)

SkullSmash Games Edit

Winner: Pikachu

Kong Games Edit

Winner: Ninja Kong

Putt-Putt and The Brave Little Toaster go to Mars vs. The Titans of the Internet & Knuckles vs. Shrek Edit

Winners: Mars The Roman Guy, The Brave Little Toaster, PeanutButterGamer, Mega Rayqauza, Crazy Dave, CinemaSins, Calvin, Hobbes, Gustavo, and Sacorguy79

Bear games Edit

Winner: Cheer Bear

The Fire Emblem GamesEdit

Winner: Eirika

Kohlii Games/Bionicle Games Remastered Edit

Winner: Nuparu

The Cartoon Network GamesEdit

Winner: Mandy 

The Manly Games: Electric BoogalooEdit

Winner: Thundurus

The Cartoon Network Games 2: Electric BloogalooEdit

Winner: Billy

The Tumblr vs. Things Tumblr Hates vs. /v/ GamesEdit

Winner: AMERICA, F*** YEAH

Dragon Games Edit

Winner: Blue Eyes White Dragon

The Robot Master GamesEdit

Winner: Fire Man

Ben 10 GamesEdit

Winner: Heatblast

PIrate Games 3: At World's EndEdit

Winner: Wolf O'Donnell

My Little Bonkles Edit

Winner: Lewa

Rabbit Games Edit

Winner: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Disney Villains Edit

Winner: Iago

The Half Quell (without that Mars game) Edit

Winner: Garchomp

The 51st-76th GamesEdit

The SNN Hunger Games Part 2 Electric Boogaloo, Starring Dude as a Character From Lost Edit

Winner: Sacorguy79

The SNN Games Part 3 Part 1: The Dudenning, Starring Dude as a character from Criminal Minds (Sponsored by Mountain Dew)Edit

Winner: Sesn

The SNN Hunger Games Part 3 Part 2Edit

Winner: BlueSpeeder

Five Nights at The Hunger Games Edit

Winner: Springtrap

Nicktoons Games 2: Electric Spongealoo Edit

Winner: Patchy the Pirate

Mortal Kombat Games Edit

Winner: Erron Black

Loser games Edit

Winner: Jasper

Variety Games, Ft. Enter Edit

Winner: Conker (and technically Shrek, since he never truly dies)

Scrappies Edit

Winner: Elmyra Duff

Hanna Barbera Edit

Winner: Jabberjaw

Dog Games Edit

Winner: Jake the Dog

Classic Games Edit

Winner: Pac-Man

Reviewer games Edit

Winner: SammyClassicSonicFan